Transit Access Guide

We'll show you how to get to Gokayama ,Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route and Unazuki-onsen from Toyama station.


There are two ways to get to Gokayama from Toyama station by train. From Takaoka or Shin-Takaoka station,take the World Heritage Bus. Several discount passes are available for this bus line. It takes about 1 hour and 20 min from Takaoka to Ainokura.

(1)Toyama station to Takaoka station(Aino-kaze local line)

・riding time…about 20 min

・fare…370 JPY

Go to the right after you exit the Sinkansen ticket gate. And then you'll find the ticket vending machines.Please touch "高岡370".

Get off at Takaoka station,the forth station from Toyama station.Don't worry, there is one exit. Turn to the left after you exit the ticket gate. Soon you'll find the escalator, so go down to the ground floor. You can see no. 7 bus stop in the back right.

Please take the "World Heritage Bus". Be careful, this bus stop is also used for the express bus for Nagoya.

(2)Toyama station to Shin-Takaoka station(Shinkansen line)

・riding time…about 8 min

・fare…1210 JPY(unreserved seat)

Get off at Shin-Takaoka station, next to Toyama. Turn to the left after exit the ticket gate. Then you can find the South Exit. In front of you, there is a resting space. Please go to the right side, then you can find no.4bus stop. So take the "World Heritage Bus".

(B)Tateyama Alpine Route

Take Toyama-Chihou-Railway line to Tateyama station.We'll show you how to get the departure station. Go to the left after you exit the Sinkansen ticket gate. Turn to the left at the South Exit of Toyama station. Walk along the building, then you'll find the escalator. Go up to the second floor, there is Toyama-Chihou-Railway(Dentetsu) station.


At the ticket counter, you can buy a throughout ticket from Toyama to Murodo, the famous place for Snow Wall. Be careful, you can buy a throughout ticket only in the morning. It takes a long time to get to Murodo especially during the Snow Wall season. So if you want to enjoy the Snow Wall walk, please get up early and try to get the first train!! Good luck!


(C)Kurobe Unazuki-onsen

By Toyama Chihou Railway, you can easily get to Unazuki Onsen, hot spring. How about getting One-day hop-on hop-off railway and tram tickets, very reasonable! Please click "Specially-priced Ticket" for the detail information.

・riding time( limited express …fee 210 JPY)…1 hour and 13 min

・riding time(local)…1 hour and 50 min

・fare(Toyama to Unazuki-Onsen)…1880 JPY( One way)

(C1)Keyaki-daira(Kurobe gorge)

To enjoy the scenery of Kurobe Gorge, we recommend you traveling by Kurobe Gorge Railway from Unazuki station. It takes a few minutes walk to Kurobe Gorge Railway Unazuki station from Unazuki station (Toyama Chihou Railway or Dentetsu).

Go to the left back after you exit the ticket gate and go down the stairs.You'll find hot spring fountain, then turn to the left. You'll see a statue of lion.

You'll find a "ashiyu" or footbath! It's free. So if you have time, please try! Only the feet and legs up to the knees are immersed. You don't wash them beforehand.

Walking along the way, you'll find Unazuki station of Kurobe Gorge Railway. You can get the ticket at the "Tickets for today".